The team at Bay Park Data Solutions have developed a straight-forward online application that can help you manage symptom checking of your employees, clients, contractors and trades people as it relates to COVID-19.


By filling out the online survey daily you can ensure all workers are performing a daily health assessment before arriving at the job site. If anyone submits an answer saying they have a fever or are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, an email will be immediately sent to the appropriate manager.

We offer 5 templates for symptom checking:

  1. Employee - self assessment

  2. Employee - on site check in

  3. Trade workers - heading to jobsites

  4. Clients - before workers arrive at their home

  5. Clients - before they arrive for an appointment at your office/salon

How does it work?

Keep your teams working and your projects moving forward safely, quickly, and reliably.

No complicated computer programming required—if you can check your email, you can use our app!


“Martha and her team did a phenomenal job with the development of health check surveys for our design build remodeling firm. We needed a way to be able to check in with people daily and these surveys were the perfect solution. Martha helped us expedite the creation of these surveys and the communication was excellent throughout the process. The improved method of using these surveys made it a quick, simple, and efficient way to communicate with everyone. We have had positive responses from our Clients, Employees, and Trade Partners. Thank you so much for your help!”  

      -Todd Jackson

        President and CEO, Jackson Design and Remodeling

“Our company used Bay Park Data Solutions to help us create health questionnaires for our employees, subcontractors, and clients. Martha was incredibly responsive and I cannot recommend her enough. Not only was it much easier than I expected in terms of a quick turnaround, but the implementation across our company with clients and trades went really smoothly. Clients have been especially appreciative of the steps being taken to protect everyone’s health, and I’m really glad we got going with this early. It has made everything much easier to manage and has helped keep our projects safe and productive. Thank you!”

     - Aaron Pick
      Chief Executive Officer, Allen Construction


Quantify how your projects are progressing with simple tools that give your company a competitive edge.


Gather important data while protecting the subject and field team's privacy—and simplify the whole process.


At a glance, know the state of your projects, identify what needs to be scheduled, and watch your teams work—all in real-time.



Use your private data to improve decision-making and keep your team at work. Implement a personalized and interactive story board to visually display your organizations challenges goals, and success.

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