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 Data Collection | Data Integration | Data Automation & Visualization Tools

Specializing in

Nonprofits, NGO's & Public Health

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Monitoring &

View real-time data and provide  actionable metrics to keep your projects on track.

Custom Mobile Field Surveys

Fully functional, mobile surveys ensure accurate location data and a digital record.

Data Integration & Automation

Automate data integration between internal & 3rd party data to provide actionable insights.

Improve Stakeholder

Showcase the location and status of your current projects to bring in more support.

Now offering COVID-19 specific health surveys for essential workers and customers

​We have been working with Southern California

remodeling and construction companies to help them provide peace of mind to their customers, employees and trade workers during this unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic.


We can deliver a customizable, easy-to-use online survey platform to help automate the mandatory tracking of health information as it relates to COVID-19. Have your employees, contractors, and customers take a private, easy survey to ensure your crew and clients stay safe.


This data is  private and shared only with critical personnel, and is used to keep everyone informed in a sensitive way.




We discuss your goals and organizational structure, and determine the best solution for you.



Together, we

build out the

tools and other

materials you

need to succeed,

and we explain

every step of the way.



Put the plan

into action!

Start collecting

data and we will

work together

to make sure you

are seeing the

results you want.

Upgrade to the future of communication

Our fully digital process takes you from collecting and mapping to sharing in minutes.  Show your progress in real-time, and make the best decisions for your organization and those you're striving to help.


Tell your story visually to guide stakeholders to a better understanding of your success.


No organization is exactly the same, so take advantage of our custom applications to improve your processes and workflows.


Show potential donors the humanity of your campaign by integrating photos and stories of the people you are helping.

What makes Bay Park Data Solutions different?

Bay Park harnesses the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in every aspect of our solution.
From data collection using the state-of-the-art Survey123 platform to mapping project data and creating visual Story Maps for you to share with your donors and stakeholders.
With GIS, you get more than a map—you get data that can be analyzed to provide actionable intelligence.
The Bay Park DS team has experience with the many versatile Esri software applications, and can even build custom applications to solve problems, streamline your workflows, and let you focus on the important tasks.
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