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Here is what our Clients, Customers, and Partners are saying about us!

As a non-profit we’d defined a specific use of GIS for several projects but needed supplement expertise to activate our vision. We wanted a partner to join our team, not a provider. That’s just what we got with Bay Park Data Solutions. The quality of work was excellent, equaled by the seamless teamwork and authentic interest and care from our team. I could not provide a higher recommendation.

- Bob Crowley, Donner Historical Society Relief Expedition 2022

In our world of helping organizations maximize their efficiency implementing successful water projects in the developing world... addressing their approach to harvesting and analyzing data is always top of the list.  Bay Park is made up of exceptionally good people, who are experts in their field of GIS, and are committed to offering real value to those they serve.  Data is key to understanding what has and has not been effective, key to developing a confident strategy, and key to honestly and clearly communicating to constituents the progress of a project… Bay Park speaks this language fluently, and are great to work with.  Highly recommend.

- Luke Pinneo, World Thirst Solutions

We have developed a great partnership with Bay Park Data Solutions, and their dedication to our nonprofit's success is evident in all aspects of their work. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing the data from our water filter distributions to life online and in the field. Martha and her team are incredible to work with, and we cannot recommend them enough!

- Nikki Appleton, Water4Life Global

I was lucky enough to find Bay Park Solutions to help me develop the tools I needed for an ecological monitoring project I managed. From the get go Martha and Tom were full of ideas to help design a seamless process that worked from the field to reporting. Through the creation of several Survey 123 tools, to an in depth reporting document that pulled data from the surveys, we easily collected accurate information in the field and distilled the info into an easy to understand report explaining our findings to the landowners we worked with. Additionally, Bay Park Solutions helped us design StoryMaps so we could keep our stakeholders updated on our findings with beautiful and engaging media content. Martha was always available and responded promptly to any requests usually within a few hours. If you are like me and you want to use ArcGIS without having to delve into the nitty gritty of learning it at depth, Bay Park is your best bet. They did the hard stuff and taught me how to use what we created to make my work much simpler. Their pleasant nature and accommodating approach can't be beat. Thanks Bay Park Solutions!

- Kara Kroeger,

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