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Bay Park becomes Esri Silver Partner

The Esri Partner Network is a rich ecosystem of organizations that work together to amplify The Science of Where™. Esri partner organizations offer the expertise needed to solve real-world problems and grow their business.  As an Esri partner, Bay Park DS will leverage Esri technology to build web maps, web map services, and deliver custom solutions, content, and services to its customers.

Using Esri's cutting-edge platform, technologies, and solutions, Bay Park DS offers the following services: • Sophisticated geographic-based data collection, management, and analysis. • Assist organizations to track, manage, and analyze, and map their data assets. • Monitoring and Evaluation solutions – View real-time data and provide actionable metrics to keep your projects on track. • Mobile Field Surveys – Fully functional, mobile surveys ensure accurate location data and a digital record. • COVID-19 employee health symptom checking ( • Produce compelling data visualizations (infographics), ArcGIS hosted solutions and services, maps, web maps, Story Maps, mobile apps, training materials, and more! • Assist non-profits to drive stakeholder engagement – Showcase the location and status of your current projects to bring in more support.


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