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Bay Park Data Solutions Awarded the Esri Release Ready Specialty Designation

Partners in the Release Ready Specialty offer industry expertise along with solutions, services or content using the latest ArcGIS products.

San Diego, CA, NOV 25, 2020 - Esri Silver business partner, Bay Park Data Solutions, a woman-owned start-up, has been awarded the Esri Release Ready Specialty status. This significant recognition is given to partners that show innovation with Esri technology, are committed to developing their wide-ranging expertise and offer expert technical support for a variety of Esri solutions and products. Bay Park DS harnesses the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in every aspect of their solutions. From data collection using the state-of-the-art Survey123 platform to mapping project data and creating visual Story Maps for you to share with your donors and stakeholders.

The Release Ready designation is awarded to partners that adopt the latest Esri technology, migrate their offerings in a repeatable practice, and have a well-trained staff to support the latest Esri software releases (Esri)

Using Esri’s cutting-edge platform, technologies, and solutions, Bay Park DS offers the following services:

  • Sophisticated location-based data collection, management, and analysis.

  • Custom applications to track, manage, analyze, and map data assets.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation solutions (M&E) - View real-time data and provide actionable metrics to keep your projects on track and show measurable outcomes.

  • The ability to create custom Surveys to be used on mobile devices in the field with or without internet connection - Fully functional, mobile surveys ensure accurate location data and a digital record.

  • COVID-19 employee health symptom checking

  • The ability to assist nonprofits to drive stakeholder engagement - by showcasing the location and status of current projects to increase transparency and bring in more support.

  • Production of compelling data visualizations (infographics), ArcGIS hosted solutions and services, maps, web maps, Story Maps, mobile apps, training materials, and more!

About Bay Park Data Solutions

Bay Park Data Solutions was born out of our desire to help non-profit organizations collect, monitor, and evaluate their domestic and international development projects. We do that, and so much more! With nearly 3 decades of experience implementing GIS solutions around the world, our team of experts focus on using our skills to do good in and for this world. By leveraging our business partnerships, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together. Bay Park DS is an Esri silver business partner.

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Martha S. Rodgers, GISP, MBA





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