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Jay Glasscott brought on board as Global Healthcare Specialist at Bay Park Data Solutions

San Diego, California February 20, 2023 – Bay Park Data Solutions has brought on board Jay Glasscott as their Global Healthcare Specialist.

With over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Jay will bring his insights on how to use Bay Park's expertise in GIS solutions to better support healthcare initiatives with private companies, nonprofit /NGO's and public health agencies.

As GIS software was a key tool to track and understand COVID, we can also use this software to better design both national and regional strategies to optimize healthcare resources and medications. With GIS, we have the power to integrate all the necessary data to give healthcare agencies the ability to visualize global, national and regional insights from which to better target diseases, especially those who live in underserved regions. Since environmental conditions impact disease incidence, we can use GIS to establish health baselines so agencies can then monitor the clinical outcomes from both healthcare and environmental policies, strategies and financial resources.” - Jay Glasscott

Jay received his undergraduate degrees in Economics and Political Science from the University of Denver, completed his General Course degree at the London School of Economics, and received his Masters of International Business Studies from the University of South Carolina. To recharge, Jay heads to the local beach to swim, to a wilderness area to camp, or to the high desert to watch the night sky.

“Having Jay join our team here at Bay Park as our Global Healthcare Specialist couldn't come at a better time. As we grow into the global market and increase our healthcare offerings, his knowledge will be crucial to our success. He also has a passion for working with nonprofits/NGO's which makes him an ideal team member!“ – Martha Rodgers, founder, Bay Park Data Solutions


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