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Water4Life Global tracks water filter distributions using custom solutions developed by Bay Park DS

Bay Park Data Solutions, has developed an interactive, cloud-hosted web mapping solution that enables Water4Life Global to track and manage the distribution of water filters in Guatemala. The system provides a  customizable, easy-to-use, cloud-hosted platform to help manage the distribution of water filters, and maintain records of the location and name of recipients, as well as records of follow up visits and status.

Water4Life Global,  based in San Diego, California is currently working on the ground in Guatemala. They are devoted to finding solutions to the current water issues that Guatemalan families face every day. By distributing water filter technology to villages in need, they provide an immediate solution for their contaminated sources. Components of their current efforts in Guatemala:

  • Raise awareness about Guatemala’s water crisis and learn first hand the contaminants in the local water sources.

  • Connect with local leaders, health officials, and schools to determine which villages are in need of clean water.

  • Raise funds to purchase easy to use and effective water filters and distribute them to 25+ villages in Guatemala, with the support of our local partners.

  • Empower local women to take leadership and share the significance of improved sanitation practices and decreased plastic waste consumption with their communities.


Tracking the distribution of water filters in Guatemala.

“Our nonprofit used Bay Park Data Solutions to help us collect information about the regions and families where we deliver clean water technology. The GIS surveys that Martha and her team provided us with have immensely changed the trajectory of our work and created a quick way to collect fundamental data. Our surveys that collect environmental and health data are simple, yet extremely effective and our staff and volunteers have had no issues with using them when in the field. Martha is phenomenal with communication and rushing projects so that we can use the surveys in time for each distribution. We are so grateful to work with them and expand the impact that we can have in rural communities. I highly recommend working with Martha, we are beyond thrilled with her work. Thank you for everything!”  - Nicole Appleton, co-founder Water 4 Life Global

By enabling Water4Life Global to use tracking technology and manage the distribution of water filters to those in need, Bay ParkDS is supporting and enabling the Water4Life Global to reach its mission goals. Bay Park DS has provided them with the following services and technologies:

  • Development of an ArcGIS-based StoryMap hosted in the Esri cloud.

  • Sophisticated dashboard to display and share data about the locations and status of all of the water filters distributed in the country

  • Summary data in the form of charts and tables to manage the distribution of assets and describe the sources of water available to each community in need

  • Detailed records, including geographic coordinates, description and photo of each person who has received a water filter

  • Dynamic, Interactive ArcGIS web mapping user interface (see image above)

Access to clean water is a stepping-stone to development. When people gain access to clean water, they are better able to practice good hygiene and sanitation. Children who enjoy good health are far more likely to attend school. Parents put aside their worries of a water related-diseases and the lack of access to clean water. This ultimately gives them a solution to better sustain their families and communities. 


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